Useful information

Help your customers help you (and themselves)

As a small business owner, you are focused on what you can do for your customers. Here are a few ideas for how you can promote paying with cash or Interac Debit, while maintaining a customer focus:

  • Post Credit Free Friday point of sale signs at your door and by your cash registers
  • Use Interac-branded stickers, signs and billfolds to encourage customers to pay with Interac Debit or cash
  • Instruct cashiers to mention Credit Free Friday to customers
  • Offer special non-credit deals on Fridays
  • Contests:
    • All customers paying with cash/Interac on Friday entered into a draw
    • Prize for hundredth customer paying with cash/Interac on Friday
    • Social media –
      • prize for most creative way to disable credit card
      • Prize for most tweets using #ccfreefriday
  • Friday customer appreciation event with cake, refreshments – distribute info re credit cards

How you pay matters

Credit cards are the most expensive form of payment for businesses, but some credit cards are worse than others. Use our calculator to see how much local businesses pay for different cards.