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What is Credit Free Friday?

Excessive use of credit cards, contributes to escalating consumer debt and hurts small businesses. Credit Free Friday is a campaign that encourages Canadians to take a break from using their credit cards, one Friday at a time, by paying with cash or Interac Debit.

Consumers can get involved by...

  • Paying with cash or Interac Debit on Fridays.
  • Following @ccfreefriday and #ccfreefriday and liking us on Facebook.
  • Sharing what creative ways you use to put your credit cards on hold.

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Businesses can get involved by...

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How you pay matters

Credit cards are the most expensive form of payment for businesses, but some credit cards are worse than others. Use our calculator to see how much local businesses pay for different cards.

TV personality and consumer champion Gail Vaz-Oxlade, and CFIB president Dan Kelly talk about the exciting new Credit Free Friday campaign.